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SCIENCE: Independence Day Festivities Provide Many Witnesses for Celestial Event:
Astronomers Failed to Forecast Bizarre Partial Lunar Eclipse

Story Filed: Thursday, July 05, 2001 5:00 AM Boston Time

LONG BEACH (Pope Diva I) -- A strange celestial phenomenon created a partial eclipse of the moon Wednesday Night, astonishing atronomers and many Americans attending Independence Day festivities.

An as-yet-unnamed extraplanetary object, being tracked by NASA's Johnson Space Center in Houston since 11 PM local time yesterday evening, is now believed to have been the likely cause of a bizarre shadow on the face of the full moon. The phenomenon, which surprised many July 4th revelers, has been reported from various longitudes in every United States Time Zone, including now Hawaii.

An unknown process made the face of the moon appear "hot pink" just prior to and throughout the duration of the partial eclipse, astronomers said.

When the sun, unknown celestial object and full moon aligned -- shortly after Midnight Houston Time -- a shadow resembling the letter "A" moved across the portion of the lunar surface visible from earth.

In places with clear skies, the moon glowed a shocking hot pink. With a telescope or binoculars, hints of yellow, silver, and a shade of lavender were sometimes visible.

Lunar Surface Just Prior to Event
(As Seen from Long Beach, California)

This partial eclipse, unforeseen in astronomical forecasts, has created a stir in a fringe sect calling themselves The AeroCult. Adherents of this group, who believe that the members of Aerosmith (America's Greatest Rock and Roll Band) are gods, claim that this is another in a long series of recent paranormal events related to the musical act.

AeroCult devotees insist that the figure which appeared on the lunar surface was "The Aerosmith A," a symbol which they claim represents their deities.

Lunar Surface During The Event
(As Seen from Long Beach, California)

When questioned about the significance of this rash of paranormal phenomena reported around the globe, AeroCultists declined comment, though they did not explain the reason for their reticence.

One thing, however, is clear. The AeroCultists either do not know, or are not divulging, what the deeper meaning of these events is.

Please stay tuned, as this continues to be a developing story